About Toblesky Green Architects

Toblesky Green Architects, Inc. was founded by Ken Toblesky and Steven Green in 2008. Today, Ken assumes the primary leadership role within the company, bringing over 30 years worth of experience as a commercial and residential architect.

Integrated Designs

While it is difficult to define good design, there are, unfortunately, many examples of poor design. Is todays trend tomorrows fad? There are proven architectural principles that can be combined to form the impressive vision of the owner. Ken Toblesky’s knowledge of architectural history, his study of the industry, his understanding of trends and his capture of the owners’ vision all combine to create memorable projects the owner is proud of. It is said that the devil is in the details. Most of us have seen a creative design turn into a nightmare in the field as a lack of plan detail, unresponsiveness, or some other surprise works to undermine the entire project. TGA has long worked with the understanding that the enemy is surprises. Local municipalities are consulted, their building codes are checked and rechecked, structural engineering is consulted, utilities are involved to both maximize their efficiency and integrate their design seamlessly throughout the project, using the latest techniques and strategies to create cost-effective strategies. 

Impressive Standards

While each client and customer will ultimately use their own definition of success for their project, architecture certainly will be a significant portion of the success equation. Toblesky Green understands the importance of transferring your ideas and vision for the project to the design, function and details to create something that embodies your vision. A project that is memorable, rewarding and achieves your goals. Unique among creative firms, Toblesky Green understands the delicate balance of bringing to life your vision while drawing on decades of experience to make that vision an architectural reality using proven design skills.


Ken Toblesky, lead architect for TGA, meets personally with each client during the all-important design phase, getting to know them so he can better understand their vision. Ken’s personal involvement ensures the successful transition from the client’s vision to the blueprints, elevations and design details of their home, community, office building, medical building, automobile dealership, apartment building, country club clubhouse, remodel or whatever it may be. While ‘enjoy the process’ isn’t a phrase generally associated with construction, knowing that Ken and his team are taking the lead to handle the myriad of details associated with a smooth and efficient project provides peace of mind. 

The TGA Difference

While for some, the shortest list their company has is the list of repeat customers, Ken Toblesky and the TGA team are justifiably proud of the relationships they have developed throughout their long history, many lasting decades. Those relationships, referrals, and repeat customers are a visible reinforcement of the TGA company values and their commitment to integrity, creativity and service.


  • Licensed Architect – State of California, C23571
  • Licensed Architect – State of Hawaii, AR 15677
  • NCARB Registered – 46971

Education (Ken Toblesky, Lead Architect)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture – 1988
  • California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
  • San Luis Obispo, California